Banksy: “Shop Till You Drop”

“Banksy” a UK based graffiti artist whose artistic works of political and social themes have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges around the world. Banksy says he was inspired by “3D” (Robert Del Naja), a graffiti artist who also used a graffiti stencil campaign. Banksy does not sell photographs or reproductions of his work, which demonstrates the reason he makes art: to target the society’s norms and exploit them to the public.

This piece depicts a woman being pulled down/falling and reaching for a shopping cart. The woman is shaded blue and the cart, black.  From my perspective, the colour black represents authority, intimidating, and unfriendly. Blue represents being reliable and responsible. Through combining the meanings of the colours and what the picture depicts, I think the piece represents consumerism. The blue woman is responsible for contributing to the big corporation, represented as the black shopping cart to be portrayed as a controlling authority because it is pulling the woman down.

I like this piece and the artist because his pieces make the viewer think about the meaning. The first principle of media art used in this piece is Conceptual point of view because it is Banksy’s social, cultural, and political viewpoint on consumerism. The second principle used in this piece is hybridization because it combines using stencil on a wall to give the illusion that the woman is falling and keeps the concept of his style of graffiti art.

Banksy- "Shop Till You Drop" Stencil

Banksy- “Shop Till You Drop”

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